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Robert Kaplafka

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Robert offers a range of informational programs, available both in-person and virtually.

Programs Offered

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Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Wake Up Your Bike for Spring

Keeping Your Bike Rolling for Summer

Putting Your Bike to Bed for Winter

History of the Bicycle

Historic Voices is proud to present this Illustrated Lecture on The History of the Bicycle, with an emphasis on Illinois. For example, Peoria was a leader in dispelling false ideas and showing the world the great utility and recreational potential the bicycle had. But you can’t talk about the history of the bicycle without mentioning those geniuses from Ohio - Orville and Wilbur Wright. The history of the bicycle will take you all around the nation and around the world.

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How a Guitar Works
With a Brief History of the Spanish Guitar.

Have you ever wondered how guitars make those wonderful sounds? From the earliest guitars to today's screaming electric monsters, this Illustrated Lecture explains in simple terms how these works of art (that can create art) function. The program also covers the creation of one of the strangest custom guitars you may have ever seen!

William Irving Kirk
In this first-person portrayal, William Irving Kirk shares his experiences as an abolitionist in North Carolina. Mr. Kirk was a preacher who broke away from his church over the issue of slavery.

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